Galleri Rotor 2, Akademin Valand, 2016

“Consumption can be understood as a model of education, within which they need to be produced a certain type of display culture, a controlled and circumscribed spectacle of the commodity, and a new form of desiring subject, whose responses and unconscious investments must become an integrated part of the system of production and consumption. In this way consumption had two sides: on the one hand it was a force that destroys traditional values, uproots traditions, and renders symbolical values obsolete; on the other hand it must become a counter-force that allows for the re-functioning of traditional objects, for the production of a ‘patchwork’ history that can make the old and the new co-exist, and for the emergence of “rational consumer” who will always, spontaneously, desire what he or she ‘truly’ needs.” Helena Mattsson, Swedish Modernism, p.9

©Barthélémy Garcia